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Tarasque - Innen Außen review (2018)

Tarasque - Innen Au ßen review (2018 ) Tarasque is a sludge/post-metal 3 piece from Münster, Germany who founded the band in the summer of 2016 with members of Unrest, Forced to Decay and Horseman. Release date : 13th April 2018 Check out their Bandcamp and Facebook: Track List : 1.Pluveophil. 2.Trümmerfeld. 3.Alles Nicht. 4.Karoshi. 5.Staub und Zeit. For fans of: Sludge and Post-metal Best activity when listening: Playing the album as loud as possible and bathe in the atmosphere. The production this release is top notch, it's loud, heavy and aggressive when it needs to be however it's atmosperic, rich and melodic during the post-metal passages, especially with the scathing lead guitar. The lead guitar sounds heavy and slightly fuzzy, but still has an edge to it, the notes and chords are easily audible. The bass is full and thick, producing engaging and captivating bass lines

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